"You are beautiful
just the way you are!
I'm just dotting the i's and crossing the t's. "

It is my mission to show you the most beautiful version of yourself! So that you can be your authentic self with a lot of confidence.
I believe that every woman is beautiful, without a kilo of make-up and with a radiant smile! I always see the beauty in someone. So it is in you!

My philosophy

let's work together

let's work together

Stay inspired

I believe in love! In all its forms and expressions,
Everyone is different, and every love story touches me. Usually, I am the first one to whine at the First look.

That is the main reason I find weddings so beautiful to do. I think it is a privilege to be able to fulfill such an important part of the day. The gratitude is so great. I still get regular messages, even after years, from brides with thank you notes.
When you look at your pictures and think "Damn I look good!", that is priceless to me!

It's not my thing to put a layer of makeup so thick on your face that it bursts when you laugh. Without feeling that you're covered in foundation, I will make the most beautiful version of you on your special day.

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years of experience


hairpins every year


kilometers on the road each year


cans of hairspray every year



Voluntary work

I believe in the power of giving. What you offer is what you will receive. In these I am in South Africa volunteering. The gratitude and satisfaction is priceless. 

Favorite spot

The water

In my spare time, I like to go surfing. In the water, I can be timeless. Leave everything behind and enjoy. The only worry I have;
Do I take this wave or the next?


As long as it is outsite

I love nature. Every year, I temporarily swap my brushes for mountain boots and go to the Ardennes. Escape from the hustle and bustle and enjoy!
An "unplugged" hike with a tent without WIFI and only generator power. :-)

Disclaimer; Yes this is Ireland!


Decafé Oat Latte

OMG! Hipster stuff!
It's not that bad; I just really like coffee. The only thing is that I have a pretty strong reaction to caffeine, which causes my hands to shake.
Handy with eyeliner? Not so much! 
Also, my intestines would rather gas cow's milk than digest it. That doesn't make anyone happy!


Fun Facts

Still here?
Let’s connect because I'd love to hear your story!

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